Patient of the Month

  • Ada Zamora

    Ada Zamora is a 37 year old mother and wife. On October 18, 2016 Ms. Ada decided that she was ready to try some alternate treatments to help her accomplish her health goals. She had been experiencing stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders. Even with all that pain her main obstacle that she was facing was her infertility. Her and her husband had been attempting to get pregnant for about 3 years. Before coming to see us she tried doing yoga, fertility treatments. Her endocrinologist even had her taking medication that should have helped her improve everything. 3 years of doctor visit after doctor visit Ms. Ada was tired of all the back and forth.Ada arrived at FamFit & Rehab and was very impressed on how knowledgeable and nice the staff was. She really enjoyed how clean the facility was, it was easy drive from home and the hours were very flexible for her and her family. After her 3rd treatment she realized that she felt 80% better from when she came in. Pain levels had dropped which led her to be able to focus at work more and have more energy throughout the day. Once Ada began to incorporate chiropractic care, massage therapy and nutrition. After 6 months of treatment she no longer suffered from pain and became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy!“Walking into FamFit & Rehab was truly a blessing. The staff at FamFit & Rehab is knowledgeable, nice and extremely helpful. They listen to the patient and treat all of your complaints. Most of all they are extremely affordable. Now my husband and I are able to get worked on monthly to stay pain and stress free!

  • Penny Buckert

    Penny Buckert is a 58 year old wife, mother and grandmother. On July 24, 2017 Ms. Penny decided to make a change for the better. She was extremely out of shape. She felt obese with no energy constantly fatigued. Inflammation throughout of her entire body, and overall did not feel good. Before coming to us she tried exercising and eating better. She was not able to stay consistent with it because there was nobody there to motivate her and hold her accountable to reach her goals. 

    Ms. Penny immediately liked and felt very comfortable with Luigi and the entire FamFit & Rehab staff at her first fitness class. She knew she had come to the right place to begin her journey of better health. It only took two weeks for Ms. Penny to begin feeling the difference. Ms. Penny started with fitness classes, massage therapy and chiropractic care. Then she accepted a lifestyle change in her nutrition. Adding USANA supplements and shakes was the cherry on top. She feels better today than she ever has in her life. 

    “Walking into FamFit & Rehab was the best decision I have made for myself in a very long time! Extremely knowledgeable staff who are passionate about helping you feel your very best! FamFit has everything you need – fitness, massage therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, nutrition and great supplements!” 

  • Taylor Stoke

    My name is Taylor Stoker and I am 24 years old. I’ve dealt with hip, lower back and knee pain almost my entire life. When I was 14 I went through right hip surgery. Doctors then prescribed me narcotics which eventually led to a full blown heroin addiction. I am now 3 years clean but I am still dealing with chronic pains. Needless to say I was looking for a more holistic approach to deal with my medical issues.I originally found FamFit & Rehab by purchasing a massage voucher through Groupon. Luigi’s knowledge, affordable prices and concern for my health eventually led me to join their fitness and chiropractic programs. Luigi and Dr. Whittaker looked over my x-rays and determined I have been suffering with a degenerative disc disease. Through chiropractic care, massage therapy, fitness and nutrition they have given me hope that I will recover from this. After a nutritional consultation I changed my diet to vegan.

    Since coming here I have lost a total of 11 pounds, and have never felt better both physically and mentally. I have then started taking my USANA supplements which they recommended. I now have decreased pain which has allowed me to run 2 miles. Before it was hard for me to finish one. I am getting faster, stronger, increased energy levels and an improved mood.I have referred several friends to FamFit & Rehab. Without this place I don’t know where I would be. They have truly helped me become healthy in all aspects of life. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to make a healthy lifestyle change.


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