Patient of the Month

  • Edith Moreno

    Edith Moreno is an 18 year old student that attends school at La Porte High School. On December 5, 2017 Edith was brought in by her mom to help her recover from soccer workouts. She was dealing with high stress levels because of all the AP classes she was taking. On top of that her soccer workouts were so intense that she was having really bad shin splints. Since she was dealing with all this it was even affecting her sleep. Edith tried taking Ibuprofen and putting ice on her shins, but was not seeing much of a difference.

    Edith immediately liked and felt very comfortable with Luigi and the entire FamFit & Rehab staff. She enjoyed that the staff was friendly, and that we take note of their smallest of worries. By the second or third visit she realized that her shin pain had vanished. After incorporating some USANA supplements and consistent chiropractic care Edith started feeling more flexible and less tense. She even noticed that she was able to get to sleep easier and stay asleep throughout the night.
    “Even if you’re dealing with minimal pain in your body you should definitely check out FamFit & Rehab to great and fast results!”


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